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How do I find my grid square ?

Finding your grid square is easy with the map.

1st. make the map full screen by clicking the “Full Screen” button on the left of the map It looks like a broken square..

This will make it easier to see the map grid and zoom in on your location.

2nd. click on the “Map Layer” button in the top right of the map. Click on the “Grid” button. This will overlay grid squares on the map.

3rd. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in on the map. As you zoom you will see the resolution of the map increase and the grid squares will also increase in resolution.

You generally only need the first 6 characters for a grid square, maybe 8 if you live really close to someone and you want your QTH to spot differently from your neighbours QTH

4th. Zoom in on your QTH location to read off the grid square that you want.

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