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How do I add my latitude and longitude to my profile?

  • Click on your callsign top right.
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Near the bottom of the page on the left hand side you will see two fields called “Latitude” and “Longitude”

Setting Latitude and Longitude

Your lat/long must be in decimal format.

An example for the southern hemisphere would be: lat -33.785780 long 150.693160\ Notice the minus sign in the latitude which is only for stations in the southern hemisphere. VKSpotter will only take 6 decimal places. If you enter more than that, you will see an error when you click the Update Profile button.

A site for obtaining, and the conversion of lat/long from different formats to decimal format would be or this site

Enter the lat and long in the appropriate fields and click the “Update Profile” button. The lat long will only accept 6 decimal places. If you enter more than that you will receive an error.

You will need to logout and log back in after changing and saving your lat/long.

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